Lab Heads to the Southwestern Research Station in Arizona

The Powers lab collected data on hummingbirds for nearly a month at the Southwestern Research Station (SWRS) from the latter part of May to late June. Collectively we gathered data on nighttime body temperature management, daytime body mass management, and evaporative heat dissipation during hovering. Collaborator Anusha Shankar (Stony Brook University) and Sarah arrived two weeks before the rest of us to finish up measurements showing use of shallow torpor by hummingbirds. Once Don and Natalie arrived measurements of daytime body mass management and evaporative heat dissipation began. While the evaporation measurements were less successful than we hoped, we still ended our time at SWRS with tons of good data.

Day off from work for a mine tour!

Uncommon Lucifer hummingbird being weighed!

Natalie getting ready to remove a hummingbird from the trap.

Blue-throated hummingbird in the flight chamber.

Blue-throated hummingbird taking a drink after being weighed.

Natalie and Sarah changing out feeders at their trapping station.

Sarah setting up her hummingbird weighing system at SWRS.

Natalie minding her open-flow respirometry system.

Sarah trapping a hummingbird!

The infrared video camera ready to measure hummingbird nighttime surface temperature.

Anusha and Sarah arrived two weeks before the rest of us to collect torpor data.

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