Student Researchers


Elliot Shannon

Elliot joined the lab this past Spring as a Sophomore Biology major.  This will not be Elliot’s first research experience.  Last summer he participated in a study at the University of Washington, Vancouver on the potential impact of fungal diseases on amphibians.  The study gained Elliot experience both in the lab and in the field as much of the data were collected in California.  This summer he will conduct a study in the Chiricahua Mountains, southeastern Arizona where he will test to see if hummingbirds selectively choose to perch in cool locations following hovering bouts when environmental temperatures are warm.  For this study Elliot designed a nifty flight arena along with an artificially cooled perch that will be used in the experiments.  Elliot’s project is funded by the George Fox University Richter Scholar Program.

Nathaniel Shiiki

Nathaniel joined the lab as a Junior Biology major this past spring.  He is relatively new to the major having become excited about science while take a general education environmental science course.  Because of his late start he has had to take a rather rapid pace though major courses in order to graduate on time, but even so had demonstrated exceptional ability as a student.  Nathaniel enjoys field work and this summer will study patterns of perch selection in free-living hummingbirds over the course of the day.  The main goal of the study will be to determine if perching locations used by free-living hummingbirds shift throughout the day as perch microclimates change.  The work will involve many measurements of temperature including placement of iButtons on typical hummingbird perches to measure daily temperature cycles.  Nathaniel’s work is supported by the George Fox University Richter Scholar Program.

Tiffany Regier

Tiffany joined the lab this past spring as a Freshman Biology major.  She is the first Freshman to be part of the lab as an undergraduate researcher.  Tiffany’s intense interest in gaining research experience is what motivated her invitation to join the lab and we were not disappointed.  Even though Freshmen are not eligible for Richter funding she committed time to learning how to conduct doubly-labeled water analysis and was a key player in our initial measurements of Arctic tern energetics, a project done in collaboration with Dr. Hugh Ellis at the University of San Diego.  Tiffany also was placed in charge of testing our methods of for mathematically correcting for water vapor in the airflow of our open-flow respirometry system.  This coming Fall Tiffany will continue with the lab and write a proposal for Richter funding with the hope of doing field research with the lab next summer.



Natalie Amodei (current GFU student), Sarah Thompson (current GFU student)


Isabelle Hoyven Cisneros (DPT student, GFU), Emma Bloomquist, Kaheela Reid


Julie Litchfield (DNP student, University of Southern Maine), Elizah Stephens (Ph.D. student, University of California, Riverside), Nathan Weston (Medical Student, Case Western University)


Noemi Camacho (research technician), Rosalee Elting (applying to graduate school)


Noemi Camacho (research technician), Joseph Canepa (applying to MAT program), Sara Nutter (graduate School – art), Rebecca Schroeder (graduate school, U of Idaho)


Joseph Canepa (applying to MAT program), Kathleen Langland (marine science research), Rebecca Schroeder (graduate school, U of Idaho)

2012          J

John Luke Andrew (Dental School), Elliott Davis, Kathleen Langland (marine science research)


Ryan Lane (graduate school, OHSU), Kyle Maki, Paige (Copenhaver) Parry (Ph.D., faculy GFU)


Keely Corder (graduate school, U of Montana), Ryan Lane (graduate school, OHSU), Jessi-Ann Michaelson (nurse practicioner)


Jessi-Ann Michaelson (nurse practicioner), Seth Monson (dentist)


Jessi-Ann Michaelson (nurse practicioner), Seth Monson (dentist), Travis Schroeder (physician)


Kevin Watanabe-Smith (Ph.D., OHSU)


Philip Getsinger (dentist)