Student Researchers


Tiffany Regier

Tiffany working on data in the lab!

Tiffany joined the lab Spring 2019 as a Freshman Biology major.  She was the first Freshman to be part of the lab as an undergraduate researcher where she completed doubly labeled water analysis to measure field metabolic rate in Arctic terns.  The arctic tern work was part of a collaboration with Dr. Hugh Ellis at the University of San Diego.  In 2020 Tiffany received funding from the Richter Scholar Program to study how free-living hovering hummingbirds use their feet/legs and bill to dissipate excess body heat making extensive use of thermal imaging.  Sadly, COVID-19  caused the shutdown of all field facilities including the Southwestern Research Station (SWRS) where the work was to be done.  Even so the Richter Committee agreed to hold Tiffany’s funding over a year with the hope that this Summer (2021) she could go.  Alas, we just got word that SWRS will not open in 2021 so instead Tiffany, as well as the rest of the lab, will shift our studies of heat balance to Anna’s hummingbird here in Oregon.  We view this shift as an opportunity since Anna’s is non-migratory and also has a breeding season that occurs in part during the Winter.  Thus Anna’s must manage body temperature across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Audrey Smith

Audrey working with one of our Plotwatcher trail cameras used to monitor hummingbird activity.

Audrey will be a Senior Biology major this next year and is also part of the Honors Program at George Fox University.  She joined the lab in Spring 2020 and is funded by the Richter Scholar Program to conduct a study in which she will attempt to quantify the amount of heat hovering hummingbirds dissipate through their bills and feet/legs by using thermal imaging and open-flow respirometry. Audrey’s work was also a casualty of COVID-19 as this work was to be done at SWRS as well so will also shift to work on Anna’s hummingbird.  Audrey’s work on Anna’s is of great interest to us because is will largely mimic some of the work we have been doing on calliope hummingbirds in Montana giving us a non-migratory comparator.  After graduation next year Audrey currently plans to apply to medical school (specifically osteopathic programs).

Whitney Dobbyn

Whitney managing iButton temperature sensors at one of our campus study sites.

Whitney will be a Junior Biology major this next year and is also part of the Honors Program at George Fox University.  She joined the lab in Fall 2020 and is funded by the Richter Scholar Program.  Whitney loves to work in the field and her work over the coming year will focus on characterizing the annual cycle of Anna’s hummingbird here in the Willamette Valley.  This work was inspired by anecdotal observations of the past year suggesting that the Anna’s breeding season was substantially longer that published accounts based on studies in California.  Whitney will also be working along side Tiffany using thermal imaging to document thermoregulatory challenges and strategies in Anna’s during different phases of their annual cycle.  After graduation Whitney is interested in graduate school and a career in basic research.

Emily Blackwell

Emily changing feeders at one of our campus study sites.

Emily will be a Junior Biology major next year.  She joined the lab in Fall 2020 and is funded by the Richter Scholar Program.  Emily gets to be a night owl this year as she will be studying nocturnal torpor in Anna’s hummingbird.  Specifically she hopes to become the first to simultaneously measure both metabolic rate using open-flow respirometry and surface temperature using thermal imaging to confirm the use of shallow torpor in hummingbirds.  Emily will do this work in collaboration with Dr. Anusha Shankar, Rose Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, who will be coming to the lab to do genomics work associated with hummingbird torpor in this Summer.  



Elliot Shannon (Ph.D. Student), Nathaniel Shiiki (GFU Graduate)


Natalie Amodei (GFU Graduate), Sarah Thompson (GFU Graduate)


Isabelle Hoyven Cisneros (DPT), Emma Bloomquist, Kaheela Reid


Julie Litchfield (DNP student, University of Southern Maine), Elizah Stephens (Ph.D. student, University of California, Riverside), Nathan Weston (Medical Student, Case Western University)


Noemi Camacho (research technician), Rosalee Elting (Research Technician, University of Washington)


Noemi Camacho (research technician), Joseph Canepa (applying to MAT program), Sara Nutter (graduate School – art), Rebecca Schroeder (Ranger, US National Park Service)


Joseph Canepa (Teacher), Kathleen Langland (marine science research), Rebecca Schroeder (Ranger, US National Park Service)


John Luke Andrew (Dentalist), Elliott Davis (Medical School Student), Kathleen Langland (marine science research)


Ryan Lane (Postdoctoral Fellow), Kyle Maki, Paige (Copenhaver) Parry (Ph.D., faculy GFU)


Keely Corder (Ph.D. Candidate, U of Montana), Ryan Lane (Postdoctoral Fellow), Jessi-Ann Michaelson (nurse practicioner)


Jessi-Ann Michaelson (nurse practicioner), Seth Monson (dentist)


Jessi-Ann Michaelson (nurse practicioner), Seth Monson (dentist), Travis Schroeder (physician)


Kevin Watanabe-Smith (Ph.D., OHSU)


Philip Getsinger (dentist)