Powers lab prepares for the SICB meeting in January!

Paige holding a red-sided garter snake

Several members of the Powers lab will once again travel to the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting to be held in Charleston, SC January 3-7.  Paige Copenhaver will present two posters.  The first will cover our data on the energetic cost of copulatory plug production in small vs. large male red-sided garter snakes  (Thamnophis sirtalis parietals) and the second thermal tolerances in free-living rough-skinned news (Taricha granulosa).  Paige will be the first research student ever in my lab to present two studies in a single meeting.

Kyle collection DPIV data

Also Kyle Maki will present our study on heat dissipation during flight in Calliope hummingbirds (Stellula calliope).  In this study we identify the major regions of heat dissipation from body surfaces during flight using high-quality infrared video imaging.

Finally, I will be presenting an oral paper on the energetic cost of reproduction in male vs. female red-sided garter snakes.  This will actually be the first paper I have presented on reptiles and represents the culmination of 4+ years of work.

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