Powers Lab Travels to SICB 2019 in Tampa, FL!

The Powers Lab made their annual trek to the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting held this year in Tampa, FL. It was a light year as only three presentations were connected to the lab. Don gave an oral presentation on the use of shallow torpor by hummingbirds which was a collaborative work with Dr. Anusha Shankar (Stony Brook University) and Dr. Catherine Graham (WSL, Switzerland). Undergraduate researchers Natalie Amodei and Sarah Thompson presented posters on their projects. Natalie presented data on the effectiveness of evaporative heat dissipation during hovering at high temperature in hummingbirds, and Sarah presented on day on daytime weight management by hummingbirds. Both Natalie and Sarah did an amazing job! Former Powers lab undergraduate researcher Sean Powers, currently a Ph.D. student at Virginia Commonwealth University, also presented his work on invasive moths. Overall it was great meeting!

  • Don giving his talk on hummingbird torpor!

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