Undergraduate Researchers Present at the 2019 Murdock College Science Research Conference

This month all three of the undergraduate researchers in the Powers lab presented data at the Murdock College Science Research Conference in Vancouver, WA. This is a meeting that is focused on undergraduates, and the sole goal is to promote serious science research at small institutions like George Fox University. Further, the students receive input and encouragement from faculty who teach at institutions throughout the Northwest. I think that the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust, and program direction Dr. Moses Lee, do an amazing job with this conference.

Nathaniel Shiiki and Elliot Shannon presented the results of the work they did in Arizona this past summer. Presenting at the Murdock Conference is a great tuneup for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting that wee will attend in a couple months.

Elliot Shannon presenting his poster at the Murdock conference!
Nathaniel Shiiki presenting his poster at the Murdock conference.

Also presenting was Tiffany Regier who presented data I collected in collaboration with Dr. Bret Tobalske and his Ph.D. student Tony Lapsansky last May. This was a great opportunity for Tiffany to gain presentation experience as she gears up to write her own research proposal in the Spring.

Tiffany Regier presenting her poster at the Murdock conference.

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