Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting – San Francisco, CA

The Powers Lab began 2018 with their annual trip to the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) meeting in San Francisco, CA (January 3-7). Traveling to the meeting to present their research data were Don Powers along with undergraduate researchers Isabelle Hoyven Cisnaros and Kaheela Reid. Don presented the lab’s continuing work on heat dissipation by hovering hummingbirds at high environmental temperature. Both students also presented with Isabelle presenting her work on nighttime body temperature management by hummingbirds and Kaheela presenting her work on how hummingbirds might dissipate heat from their bills. Lab collaborators Bret Tobalske (University of Montana), Anusha Shankar (Stony Brook University) and Jeff Yap (Simon Fraser University) were also at the meeting and made presentations. Anusha presented some additional data on hummingbird nighttime body temperature management and Jeff presented our collaborative work in reproductive energetics in zebra finches. In all the lab was involved in five presentations make for a successful meeting!

Collaborator Anusha Shankar starting her talk at SICB.

Don beginning his talk at SICB.

Isabelle and collaborator Anusha Shankar enjoying a night out at SICB!

Always enjoy seeing our friends at Sable Systems at SICB!!

Poster session at SICB!

Isabelle presenting her poster on hummingbird management of nighttime body temperature.

A nice French dinner in San Francisco with collaborator and friend Bret Tobalske!

Kaheela presenting her poster on heat dissipation from hummingbird bills at SICB.

Kaheela and Isabelle waiting for the plenary to start at SICB.

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