Lab Travels to Charleston, SC for the 2012 SICB Meeting

Paige presenting snake data.

Last week the lab travels to Charleston, SC for the 2012 SICB meeting.  Don Powers presented a paper titled “Courtship Metabolic Rate in Male vs. Female Red-Sided Gater Snakes” providing an overview of some of the work the lab had done in Manitoba the past several years.  Paige Copenhaver, who graduated this spring, presented a poster on the work she did this past summer on the metabolic cost of copulatory plug production in male red-sided garter snakes as well as a poster on thermal preferences and metabolic rate in rough-skinned newts.  Kyle Maki presented a poster on heat dissipation in calliope hummingbirds as measured by infrared thermography using data collected last summer at the University of Montana as part of the lab’s collaboration with Dr. Bret Tobalske.

Kyle presenting her hummingbird Poster

Both Paige and Kyle took full advantage of their opportunity to attend their first national meeting attending numerous papers and interacting with many established scientists while presenting their posters.  All three posters were well attended and both students did a wonderful job explaining the details of the project and addressing questions.  both student’s performance is a testament to the quality research experiences provided to undergraduates here at GFU.  Towards the end of the meeting the lab took a little time off to enjoy historic Charleston and do a little bird watching.

Below is a selection of photos taken during the trip.  To see all trip photos go to the Flickr photo gallery.

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