New Research Students Joining the Lab this Spring!

The Powers lab would like to welcome two new research students, Becca Schroeder and Joey Canepa, starting this Spring.

Becca 3Becca Schroeder is a sophomore biology major with a passion for work in the field.  She will be supported by the lab’s NASA grant and participate broadly in the lab’s work on the physiological response to climate change.  Becca has also received funding from the university’s Richter Scholar program to support a study on how frequently hummingbirds in different habitats use torpor.  After graduation Becca plans to pursue graduate studies in biology.

IMG_0813Joey Canepa is a sophomore biology major who truly enjoys studying animals.  His research will focus on understanding the relationship between daily energy expenditure and environmental temperature in hummingbirds found in different habitats.  Joey’s work will be supported by a George Fox University Richter Scholar Grant.  After graduation Joey plans to earn an advanced degree in biology.

IMG_0324Returning to the lab for another year will be veteran research student Katie Langland.  This past year Katie worked both on red-sided garter snakes in Manitoba, Canada and hummingbirds in southeastern Arizona.  This year Katie will be focusing on thermal loads and surface heat dissipation in hummingbirds using infrared thermography.  Katie’s work is supported by a Richter Scholar Grant.  After graduation Katie hopes to pursue a graduate degree and study some aspect of shark biology.


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