Calliope Hummingbird Flight! Work at the University of Montana Flight Lab

The Powers lab made what has become an annual trip to the University of Montana Flight Lab to conduct studies related to the metabolic costs and biomechanics of hovering and forward flight in calliope hummingbirds (Stellula calliope) with long-time  collaborator Dr. Bret Tobalske.  The team from the Powers lab included Dr. Don Powers and research student Luke Andrew.

IR image of flying hummingbird.

The primary focus of this year’s work was to complete metabolic, PIV, infrared thermography, and 3D-kinematic data sets on the calliopes and to work out infrared thermographic protocols with the Powers lab’s FLIR SC6700 infrared camera that will be used in field studies funded by NASA later this month (infrared thermography video). Below are a few images from our time at the Flight Lab.  To see the entire Flickr photo set click here.

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